the little while

the little while proudly present their first album, ›Do What You Love‹.

Release day April 07, 2022.

7 tracks plus one bonus track, available on CD, for downloading on, and of course it can be found on various streaming platforms.

2019 Big jump in time. Gerty, not particularly fond of computers, had spent three years of recording little snippets and vague song ideas – with the audio memo app on his iPhone.

Looking for a buddy to finally turn these into grown up songs, he once again contacted his old companion Rich.

After hours of listening sessions (180 snippets …!) Rich created best-of-lists and then used his keyboard, his Mac, and Logic software to arrange the snippets to a couple of songs, programming drums and synthesizers, playing bass and writing lyrics.

When Gerty was satisfied with these demo results, they recorded his guitars and vocals, then Rich mixed and mastered the tracks. Meanwhile they even managed to agree on a project name – and there you go …

You can find a few little appetizers on YouTube.

We hope y’all like it – go and listen, come and … well, why not: buy.

2008 Then Schroeder songwriter Uli Hundt turned up once more, a couple of new songs in his portfolio, and tried to talk his old sidekicks into a Schroeder Revival. Rich said no, Gerty said yes, and to everyone's surprise they even found a record label willing to release an album.

With the help of another old companion, producer Manni Hollaender, and a handful of friends the album was recorded, but unfortunately neither critics nor the public or promoters liked it, and when sax player Jesus Canneloni died in 2009 the project was buried with him.

After the millenium, Gerty continued playing for the PPP show and various cover bands, and Rich concentrated on writing further novels and started working as a copy editor.

Schroeder Roadshow 2009: Christoph Stupp, Jesus Canneloni, Gerty, Ben Beracz, Richard Herten & Vladi Nowakowski

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